VR-1 High Speed Router / Firewall


TMV's model VR-1 high speed router/firewall represents the next generation of front end security hardware. Based on the Intel i7 Haswell processor with embedded encryption support, the VR-1 outperforms much larger, noisier, and more expensive competitors with full gigabit VPN throughput.

Smaller and quieter is better

The VR-1 is delivered in an industrial black anodized aluminum fanless case and is 100% solid state. It runs virtually silently and can be installed in shared working areas without disturbing staff or customers.

Security as a priority

Any piece of network infrastructure is only as secure as its underlying operating system. The VR-1 is based on Alpine Linux, a slimmed down and hardened Linux OS designed specifically for embedded systems in Enterprise use. TMV further hardens the platform to your specific needs and software requirements to result in a network device that meets and enforces your security policy.

Major Features

Model A
Monitoring Unit
Model B
Router / Firewall
Model C
Gigabit Throughput
Packet filtering
Wireless AP
Rolling Packet Capture
Injection WAN Monitoring
SNMP Statistics
Remote Access Services
Web based mgmt

The VR-1 plays an important role in our large scale WAN architectures. We will work with your techincal teams to design your WAN solution, which will include a bid for VR-1 based infrastructure as an alternative and/or in addition to Cisco or Juniper based solutions.

For pricing or questions regarding the VR-1 please call us at (312) 962-5250.


Network Architecture

TMV's unique approach to Network Architecture goes beyond "best practice" to deliver a tailor engineered solution. Our team has expertise in many areas including:

      • LAN design - Large scale fault tolerant layer 2 and 3 switching and routing
      • WAN design - Global VPN, DMVPN, SD-WAN, Hybrid or traditional leased line
      • Datacenter design - Optimize availability, scalability, performance, and security.
      • Firewall design - Normalize your Enterprise filters and confirm adherence to security policies
      • Cloud design - Move your critical applications and services to IaaS

WAN Performance Testing

WAN Monitoring and Triage

WAN Implementation and Management

Application Communication Diagnostics

VoIP Design and Implementation


Expect a Higher Level of Network Expertise

TMV combines a seasoned, knowledgeable technical staff with sound, tested methodologies and comprehensive strategies — and an ability to balance information and operational security needs with business and other functional requirements.

The driving force behind our success is our cadre of highly qualified and experienced network engineering professionals. Dedicated to constantly refining and expanding its skills, the TMV Team has decades of combined experience in network architecture, network performance testing, application communication diagnostics, vulnerability assessments, security and network architecture design, incident response and forensics.

The depth and breadth of our experience allows us to provide a comprehensive “real-world” approach that few companies can match. Our network architecture designs benefit from experience gained in influencing the global implementations of fortune 500 companies such as Exxon/Mobil, Union Pacific, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Ericsson to name a few. In addition, when standard strategies are not practical in a customer’s environment, our experience allows us to recommend and develop smart alternative approaches.

To learn more about our expertise and services, please call us at (312) 962-5250.


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